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Domestic and international high-end production equipment is complete——Ensure the production of high-quality goods

Domestic advanced laser cutting equipment,Improve the production efficiency,Precise exquisite products

More lathe、Numerical control lathe、Milling machine、Boring machine、Grinding machine、Drilling machine、The cutting equipment

According to customer requirementsClosely for precise machining drawing or drawings

International quality standard system——To ensure the hand over is superior

Product materials are all made of high-quality steel aluminum copper materials,Through strict processing processing

After completion of all the products have been qc inspector to check one by one,Again confirmed delivery

If quality problems we refund the first time,Please be assured that choose to use

Mountain fairy gold medal mechanical service——Timely help you solve the problem

7*24HoursOnline FAQ,Late to provide all aspects of service。

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Qingdao mountain fairy machinery co., LTD

Qingdao machinery co., LTD., formerly established in fairy mountains2003Years of jiaozhou cheung mechanical processing plant,Has now changed its name to Qingdao mountain fairy machinery co., LTD,Is a professional design and production manufacturing salesJ53Series double disc friction screw press and accessories,And undertake the whole machine overhaul and installation guide、Mode of business。Another Marine milling machine、Mechanical processing、Large lathe processing、Axial processing、Gear processing、Plastic mold processing、Pipe mould processing、Hole processing、Milling machine processing、Grinding machine processing、Laser cutting processing production、Numerical control lathe processing、Boring machine processing products such as professional production and processing of a limited liability company(A natural person investment or holdings),Headquartered in Qingdao in producing soft container bags.for store in road store across from logistics,Qingdao machinery co., LTD has complete fairy mountains、Scientific quality management system。The integrity of Qingdao mountain fairy machinery co., LTD、Strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance。Mountain fairy machinery co., LTD. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to Qingdao to visit、To guide and...

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Shelves high performance-price ratio,Quality is guaranteed

Shelves high performance-price ratio,Quality is guaranteedPay the total XXX co., LTD

I'm through browsing website,Found that is good,Power is larger,Internet counseling that related product information,After later visited the factories,I have been determined,We have to do shelves,In the later if not let us down,Both in quality and comparison is very satisfactory!

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The factoryFactorystyleThe factory

The factory

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PVCWhat are plastic tubing development advantage?
Our company manufacture plastic extrusion machinery has been favored by customers,And our company's production equipment exports at home and abroad,Production line,Excellent product quality,Worth your trust,Plastic machinery choice fairy mountains,You are welcome to call the advisory。Contact information:13964220053
Mountain which the advantages of laser cutting processing performance
Our company introduced laser cutting equipment with high efficiency,Do not need to spend too much time when small products,The customer can wait for a moment in our company pick up the goods directly,No longer looking for car pulled goods,Save the freight、Time,Kill two birds with one stone。Production of large quantities of products,We can delivery,Guarantee the lowest prices,The fastest,The best quality products。Some customers may laser cutting is not very understanding to us,Below I summarizes the advantages of laser cutting、Defects for your reference,Some people will say why you still told others equipment faults,So how can others willing to cooperate。I want to say that my company in good faith for this,Never cheat customers,There is no perfect thing,We tell you the disadvantages,Is in order to better improve。
Laser cutting processing brought convenient for our company
What is double disk friction screw press
Fairy mountain science machinery to give you about double disk friction screw press。
What contributed to the development of laser cutting processing?
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